the story of the soldier

Staatstheater Meiningen

Stravinksy’s L’Histoire du Soldat uses a Russian folk tale as a platform for a sensational score that spans a bridge to new music while presenting a Faustian parable of love and loss.

This new production, based on interviews with active duty soldiers of the German Bundeswehr used three actors interchangeably to play all the roles, thus raising the question of who is the victim/perpetrator/witness. The music was interpreted by the Meiningen Court Orchestra who gamely agreed to being placed in the auditorium, surrounded by the audience, creating a unique and haunting sonic experience that served to magnify the dramatic weight of the piece.

"Everything fits together coherently in this production, quite naturally. Everything has rhythm, the language, the movements, nothing is random but nothing seems strained. [...] Together, on, off and backstage, they have created a lesson in what theater can be. Go see it! Definitely!"

-Susann Winkel, Freies Wort, 21.01.19

Igor Stravinsky
Charles Ramuz
Brian Bell
Musical Direction
Mario Hartmuth
Set Design
Daniel Unger
Irmela Schwengler
Anna Katharina Setecki
Georg Grohmann
Michael Jeske
Sven Zinkan
Now playing at the Vagantenbuehne, Berlin
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