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William Shakespeare's first tragedy TITUS ANDRONICUS (around 1590) was one of the 'blockbusters' of Shakespeare's time and still resonates today: it describes a brutal world in which vengeance drives the actions of the characters. It is infamous as one of the bloodiest plays in the canon due to the high number of murders and mutilations.

In the new adaptation by Brian Bell and Lars Georg Vogel, the violent action is condensed to four characters: Saturninus, Tamora and Titus, who must replay their deeds in a therapeutic setting in order to achieve purification, as well as Dr. Aaron, who closely monitors the events.  Again and again the question arises: is there a way out of the existing spirals of violence? Are we capable of learning from our mistakes?

"In the royal and other historical Shakespeare dramas, there is murder and butchery that splinters, bursts and splashes. Especially conspicuous and (for theatergoers) possibly also quite entertaining is that which takes place in this Titus Andronicus [...]"

- der Freitag, 09.08.2022

Frank Gunther
Brian Bell
Clara Wanke
Malte Hurtig
Stella Schimmele
Fabienne Dür
Urs Stämpfli
Stella Denis Winkler
Urs Fabian Winiger
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